Alice Love

For fans of the Alice/Reginald Romance

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Hello everyone! This community will be serving as somewhat of a companion community to curiousinsane It is a place for any fanwork of the Alice/Hatter ship as well as any other Alice in Wonderland related little tidbits I decide to throw in.


1. Please be relatively kind to one another. This shouldn't be much of an issue since this will by no means be a controversial community, but I just thought I'd throw that out there.

2. No spam! But really, if it's Alice in Wonderland related, it's pretty much allowed. Do try to remember we are focusing more on the Alice/Reginald ship though, so try to refrain some Lewis Carroll tidbits that only apply to the books.

3. Don't tYpE lIke ThIs...it drives me crazy! Try to use proper grammar, but if you slip up (as I often do), no one's going to freak out.

So there you have it! I'm not asking for much, and am pretty laid back.

What To Submit:

-The ever-popular fan video
-Artwork of any kind
-Questions about the curiousinsane plot, etc.
-Anything else you can think of!