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Title: Pretty Princess
Author: gilove2dance
Rating: G
Word Count: 714 word ficlet
Disclaimer: I own nothing of this. Reggie belongs to Disneyland and Brianna Garcia and Alice to Disney and Lewis Carol
Author’s Note: This is my first venture into this fandom so I apologize for any OoC-ness and it was not beta-ed so any mistakes are my own.

(Please tell me what's wrong Cricket, so I can fix it)

Happy Valentine's Day!

A bit late but the thought still counts!


Made by me but original picture by the glorious Brianna Garcia (can be found on her flickr).


Hello! First time posting here ^___^ I discovered Alice/Hatter about a week before christmas thanks to an article about Disney fanart that led me to Bri-chan's deviantArt gallery and then several days later of watching non-stop youTube videos of the two at Disneyland (<3 Grasshopper Hatter!) I am now utterly obsessed.

So, I was extremely excited when I opened my sister's christmas gift to me: 12 boxes of tea from Disney World, each box with a different Wonderland character on it. Except one box. One box had two characters on it and it was the only box that had either of them on it. How odd for them to decide the only box featuring Alice or Hatter would have the two of them together ^___^

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Happy Holidays you guys!

Also, check out this cool vid I found just in time for the holidays ^^

I made some gingerbread cookies a few days ago, and couldn't help myself. :)

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i love the the Alice stories and i love the wonderful artworks that are present to them!